Dinner Menu


Coconut Shrimp

Jumbo shrimp rolled in bread crumbs and coconut, served with a warmed pineapple and curry sauce.


Stuffed Potato Skins

Four potato skins stuffed with your choice of BBQ sauce and bacon or crab meat with seafood sauce, topped with melted cheese.


Scallop Sauté

Fresh tender scallops wrapped in bacon and broiled, served with cocktail sauce.



Smothered in garlic and tarragon butter, topped with melted cheese.


Onion Rings

Serves 2.


Shrimp Cocktail

Five jumbo shrimp, chilled and served with cocktail sauce and lemon.


Shrimp Royal

Sizzling in garlic butter, topped with melted cheese.



Serves 2 – Rings and tentacles lightly dusted and seasoned with salt and pepper, served with sweet chili sauce.


Garlic Toast

Toasted to perfection and topped with a delicious blend of three cheeses.


Mushroom Caps

Sizzling in garlic butter, topped with melted cheese.



Soup Du Jour

Ask your server for the day’s special.


Swiss Onion Soup

A rich soup made with cream, onions and tarragon, baked with Swiss cheese.


From the Garden

Greek Salad

Fresh cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, feta cheese and romaine, tossed with Greek dressing.


Royal Coachman House Salad

Crisp greens and a combination of fresh garden vegetables.


Caesar Salad

Our signature dressing, crisp romaine, golden brown croutons, anchovies and bacon.



Beef Wellington

Prime filet of beef, topped with pate, sauteed mushrooms, wrapped in a chef’s pastry served with a burgundy sauce.


Chicken Wellington

An old favourite of the Royal Coachman. Tender breast of chicken topped with cream cheese and basil wrapped in our chef’s pastry and served with a homemade mushroom Grand marnier sauce.


Filet Mignon

Choice Alberta beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon, grilled to perfection.


Steak Oscar

Crab meat and asparagus served in a rich béarnaise sauce with aged filet mignon.


Baby Back Ribs

Succulent ribs baked in the oven with a thick BBQ sauce.


Chicken Cordon Bleu

Tender breast of chicken stuffed with ham and cheese.


Roasted Chicken

Tender half oven roasted chicken.


Royal Coachman Strip Sirloin

Fresh 12 ounce aged Alberta beef, grilled to your liking, garnished with sauteed mushrooms.


Fettuccine Alfredo

A rich creamy sauce served on a bed of Fettuccini noodles.


Rainbow Trout

Trout stuffed with shrimp and crab meat dressing.


Pepper Steak

Oodles of mushrooms with green peppercorns served in a rich brandy flavoured cream sauce.


Wild Pacific Maple Salmon

From the pristine waters of Stikine river, sockeye with a rich red color, served with soy maple glaze.


Sauté Shrimp

Fresh shrimp tossed in garlic and herb butter served on a bed of rice pilaf.


Asian Noodle Thai Stir-fry

Large assortment of spicy fresh vegetables, served on top of Asian noodles.


Ribeye Steak

Twelve ounce bone in for extra flavour, aged minimum 21 day and cut from premium Alberta beef, this steak is served ideally medium rare to enjoy its unique flavour.


Ultimate Steak Oscar

Loads of lobster, crab meat, scallops and asparagus served in a rich Bearnaise sauce with aged filet mignon.



Bearnaise Sauce










Meals to Go

7 Meals for $51.99

Meal Choices for April 2020


1. Choose which 7 meals you would like.
2. Call or stop in to place your order before Wednesday of each week. Calls taken as late as 8pm Tuesday.
3. Pick up or have your freshly prepared meals delivered (delivery extra) on Thursday of each week. Pickup on Thursdays 11am to 2pm or 5pm to 7pm $51.99 plus tax and delivery (Napanee = $5)

(sorry, no substitutions)

Proud to be an approved meal provider for the Veterans Independence Program.

Liver & Onions

Liver with onions and gravy. Served with vegetable and potato.

Chopped Sirloin

Broiled chopped sirloin steak, topped with onions and gravy. Served with potato and vegetable.

Baked Salmon

Atlantic salmon oven baked, served with vegetable and rice.

Homemade Quiche

Ham and mushroom quiche served with Caesar salad.

Beef Stir Fry

Fresh vegetables and beef tossed in a teriyaki sauce on rice.

Penne Pasta with Chicken

Breast of chicken tossed in with penne noodles in our homemade Alfredo sauce. Served with vegetables.

Baby Back Ribs

Tender succulent ribs covered with BBQ sauce . Served with pork & beans & vegetable.

Corned Beef and Pierogies

Lightly sautéed corned beef and onions on top of Pierogies and sour cream.

Julienne Salad

Stripes of beef, ham, chicken, cheese and fresh vegetables on top of green salad. Garnished with egg and sweet onion dressing

Shepherd's Pie

Flavourful ingredients of minced Hamburg, corn, peas, carrots and gravy. Topped with fluffy mashed potato.

Roast Beef-

Thin slices of beef topped with gravy, completed with potato and vegetable.

Chicken Royal

Tender breast of chicken oven baked served in a white wine mushroom cream sauce on rice with vegetable.

Pork Schnitzel

Breaded pork loin lightly seasoned with salt & pepper. Topped with a mushroom gravy served with potato and vegetable.

Roast of Pork

Slow oven roasted pork with gravy. Served with potato and vegetable.

Chicken Souvlaki

Marinated cubes of chicken breast on a skewer served with rice and vegetable.

Chicken Wings

Honey Garlic chicken wings served with onion rings.

Veal Parmigiana

Breaded veal covered with a zesty tomato sauce and mozzarella. Served with potato and vegetable.

Cabbage Rolls

Two cabbage rolls served with vegetable.

Two pieces of Dessert

Choose from lemon or chocolate pie. Two desserts count as one meal.

Note: We mix up vegetables in each meal to try and provide more variety. No substitutes.

Call to make a Reservation or Place an Order